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Bienenstein Concepts is a creative studio offering design and interior architectural solutions, art direction, home staging, scenography and styling. Our work spans a wide range of scales and typologies - from a luxury hotel in Istanbul, an international retail concept for a French luxury fur brand and New York and Viennese residences to an outdoor furniture collection. Unique service and constant dialogue with the client are part of our core principles.

The team can refer to many years of international experience in designing high-end hospitality, retail and residential projects, as well as product display and furniture projects. From the outset, our work has focused on ways of approaching each project as a layered, sensory and highly individual environment to shape an experience composed of many fundamental aspects - space, light, proportion, colour, materials and touch - rather than on developing a specific stylistic set.

Perfectionistic yet intuitive, Theresa Bienenstein sees each of the studio's projects as an individual and unique response to its requirements and the desires and visions of our discerning clients. Within the studio she is working ceaselessly on each project down to the last detail in collaboration with her colleagues.

The work we conceive aims to create a distinct presence, infused by refined volumes, clean lines and informed choices of materials. Custom designs and eclectic art and vintage objects complement and enrich our spatial creations and add a layer of uniqueness. While paying great attention to the overall experience, our approach is known for our special focus on details and impeccable style. Our international and divers backgrounds allow each creative process and the allied research we undertake, to be informed by, and anchored in a cosmopolitan artistic context. 

We rely on an international professional network allowing Bienenstein Concepts to deliver projects all over the world.